Anterior Anatomy and the Science of a Natural Smile TechBook

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"Find out how to create natural looking anterior restorations."

If you are one of the 34,000 dental technicians in the USA, then you don't have a way to learn about anterior esthetics and how to create lifelike restorations.

  • You have learned your craft by the "watch me" over-the-shoulder technique of watching another technician. What you can learn is limited to the skill of the technician you are watching.
  • Training classes offered by manufacturers usually focus on how to use their product. The techniques taught usually apply to their products.
  • Training classes taught by gurus do not include any additional books or guides, so you can easily forget exactly what the guru did.

Does it frustrate you that your anterior restorations don't look as lifelike as you want them to?

How would you like it if all the anterior restorations you create look lifelike and mimic the esthetic qualities of natural smiles? Imagine - not having to guess on how to make natural looking smiles. Your dentists and boss are happy with your anterior cases and do not wish that they looked better.

Anterior Anatomy and The Science of a Natural Smile is a revolutionary study of ten underlying esthetic components common to all anterior restorations. Created by John Ness, founder of PTC, this breakthrough material was extracted through the study of hundreds of natural smiles. This monumental book will show you...

  • ten essential principles to use to improve the esthetic quality of every anterior case
  • how these ten principles interact to create natural balance and harmony
  • the subtleties of anterior anatomy you need to know for esthetic contouring

Developed for dental technicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists, and all dental professionals, this book presents the information you need to know about anterior dental anatomy and anterior esthetics.

Successful dental labs and dental offices use The Science of a Natural Smile to establish a common vocabulary to effectively communicate about their cases. With this vocabulary, misunderstandings and errors from miscommunication are reduced.

Get the book that shows you the esthetic components you need to know to create lifelike anterior restorations.

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