Anterior Anatomy and The Science of a Natural Smile TechMaster Module

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Developed for dental technicians, dental assistants, dental hygenists, and dentists, this module presents the fundamental information of anterior dental anatomy. This course is PTC's recommended first step for anyone who wants to learn to be a dental technician. Topics include the internal structure of anterior teeth, anterior surface anatomy, and the features of the anterior teeth.

Using the PTC Dental learning approach, all topics are presented with full color illustrationscomprehensive exercises and the accompanying DVD video. Key concepts are reinforced with PTC Learning Drills, a condensed picture of the essential information.

Includes the illustrated step by step manual (TechGuide) and DVD (watch 8 minute excerpt).

Anterior Dental Anatomy workbook

The TechGuide is a combined manual and workbook that guides you step by step through the learning process. Using the proven PTC knowledge transfer techniques, the TechGuide prompts when to read the manual, watch the DVD, study the learning drills and complete the exercises.


The Best Kept Secret of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Science of a Natural Smile is a revolutionary study of the ten underlying esthetic components of all cosmetic restorations.  Created by John Ness, founder of PTC, this breakthrough material was extracted through the study of hundreds of natural smiles.


Each esthetic component is presented with full color illustrationshigh quality video and examples using natural smiles.  With each component you see how changing that single component alters the esthetics of the entire smile.

Based on past PTC training of hundreds of dental technicians, dental ceramists and waxers can expect immediate improvements in their anterior restorations.

Anterior Dental Anatomy workbook

Science of a Natural Smile gives dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists a powerful tool they can use to educate patients on the importance of esthetics and their case planning.


Successful dental labs and dental offices use The Science of a Natural Smile to create a standard esthetic nomenclature to effectively communicate about their cases.  With this nomenclature misunderstandings and errors from miscommunication are reduced.


Add the set of 3 anterior Ness Teeth to increase your understanding and speed your progress. Individual softbound student workbooks allow multiple people to study at the same time.

DVD Excerpt

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