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A comprehensive book that teaches all the skills and steps for producing esthetic natural dentures. Learn a new, profitable skill or use it to increase your current production efficiency.

You'll learn:

All the muscles and anatomical features of the mouth that must be known to be able to predictably fabricate stable dentures.

  • All of the measurements and data necessary to create truly cosmetic dentures.
  • The three anterior arrangements that can be used and modified to meet any age or soft to aggressive esthetic requirement.
  • How to quickly wax and carve self cleaning denture bases, including perfectly placed interdental papillae, root imminences and gingival contours.
  • An efficient method for finishing and polishing processed dentures, guaranteeing properly trimmed borders, natural festooning and ideal base thickness.
  • A precise equilibration technique that gives the technician certainty on when and where to adjust.
  • A fast predictable method for setting anterior and posterior teeth that can be easily taught to others.
  • Recommended prerequisites:
  • Simplifying Posterior Dental Anatomy
  • Anterior Anatomy and The Science of a Natural Smile
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