Framework Design and Fabrication TechMaster Module

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The best bridges start with the best frameworks
Streamlined to perfection, based on 30 years of experience and hundreds to training seminars, the Framework Design and Fabrication module gives you the tools to become the dental technician that ceramists rely on to make the perfect framework.
From PFMs to CAD/CAM to Implants
Covering skills from consistently perfect margins, pontic placement and design, maximizing connector strength, to designing frameworks to avoid multiple porcelain firings, this module sets the stage for the entire porcelain department. Proper framework design helps the entire team, saving time, money, and material.

Framework Feature Modifications

In addition to single copings, posterior and anterior bridges, we have included a section on feature modifications. Topics include wax copings with metal occlusal island and porcelain restorations with full metal occlusal.


Add the Waxing Training kit to speed your progress. This kit includes the tools and instruments used in the training module. Individual student workbooks allow multiple people to learn anterior contouring at the same time.

Waxing Training Kit includes:

  • WC-1 Wax Carver
  • WC-2 Wax Carver
  • PTC Premium Carving Wax (yellow)
  • PTC Perfect Margin Dipping Wax
  • Green Wax Sticks
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