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کد محصول: 203-1000
مجموعه : کتب توليد کننده: PTC DentalPTC Dental

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You need this book if you have ever experienced any of these problems:

  • You tell a technician what you need an he has no idea what that is
  • You misunderstand your doctors request and provide them with the wrong product
  • You can't communicate with doctors
  • Instructions are not followed
  • Mistakes are made

Get the Results You Want

With over 1,200 terms, this dictionary is informative and easy to read and understand. With pictures that clarify the concepts.

This dictionary:

  • Helps facilitators and trainers get the ideas across
  • Is a fantastic resource for new technicians and trainees
  • Makes it easier to read and understand prescriptions

The spiral bound visual dictionary contains over 1,200 essential dental terms that everyone, from dental students to dental assistants to dental technicians, would need to look up at a glance. Dental terms include:

  • definitions
  • full-color illustrations
  • pronunciation
  • variations of a term
  • cross-reference to related terms
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